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Gastric ballon

At the obesity centre wuerzburg, we see the gastric ballon only as a bridging procedure for those super-obese patients that have to reduce weight before any operation can be performed. To place the ballon, no operation or general anesthesia is necessary. It can be delivered through standard endoscopy. The ballon is either filled with gas or water and can rest in the stomach for about 6 month. After removal, patients gain weight again to the previous level. That's why, the ballon is used only as a bridging device to reduce weight pre-operativly before a definitive procedure is performed.

Carrying a gastric ballon is not very uncomfortable, nevertheless, there might be vomiting, gas bloat or fullness.

To remove the ballon, another gastroscopy is necessary, it can be done just before the operation, while the patient is asleep. In rare cases, the ballon can cause ulcers or other affections to the gastric wall, that should heal before performing e.g. a gastric bypass.